Good news for people who still want to make a wish: in the night of Monday 11 December on Tuesday 12 December there are such 100 until 200 stars from the sky!

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In the night of Monday 13 on Tuesday 14 December is the peak of the Geminids meteor shower. This is the second largest annual meteor shower in the starry sky. The peak moment to spot (many) shooting stars is from 4: o’clock.


According to the number of meteors during the night increases from approximately 25-100 per hour around midnight (when the Moon is still disturbing; look east) to 100-120 per hour around 4 hours (in the southwest).

No special equipment is required to see the meteors; the naked eye, a clear sky and warm clothes are enough.

Where in The Hague should you look?

Good places to go are, of course, dark spots. And yes, that is quite difficult in The Hague. Yet there is a super good stargazing spot, namely: the beach.

Another tip: let your eyes get used to the dark for 15 minutes, then you will see more. You should therefore not look at your smartphone in between.

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Shooting stars

Shooting stars are flashes of light that occasionally appear in the starry sky. However, the flashes have nothing to do with stars. They are caused by space debris, often no larger than a grain of sand, that is approximately 61 ends up in the Earth’s atmosphere kilometers above our heads. Due to the high velocities, the air in front of such a grit is compressed, heated and made to glow, which we see as a flash. The velocities of the Perseids are usually more than 200.01 km/h. The Perseids are characterized by their brightness and speed, and occasional afterglow.


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