To ensure that everyone is thought of during the holidays, a Christmas card campaign for elderly people in The Hague has been started in the neighbourhood. And how cool: the heartwarming mail is pouring in!

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Earlier we called for beautiful Christmas messages to be sent in for the elderly in The Hague. And you did! The editors also spoke with Cor about how nice it is to receive a card.

Already 184 Cards

In the neighborhood mailbox and in the return boxes at Primera in Loosduinen, Paagman Frederik Hendriklaan, Paagman Lange Poten and the Douwe Egbertscafé in Mall of The Netherlands were already nice cards. Schools have also indicated that they will tinker with glitter and paint.

Christmas message for elderly

Many elderly people in The Hague are therefore already surprised with a beautiful card, but the number may be even higher. Of course, the editors themselves will also get to work. The more cards, the better! We hope that many more residents will participate in the action. Do that before Thursday Dec. The indebuurt team ensures that the cards end up at various care homes and home care agencies.

Tip: craft the most beautiful Christmas cards with (neighborhood) children. Are you going to make cards with your class or group of friends? Let us know and send nice pictures to .

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The DE Café in Mall of The Netherlands. Photo: near

Send your card or hand in your Christmas greetings yourself

Send your card, drawing or craft work to:

DPG Attn. Redactie nearby Christmas card campaign

Lange Houtstraat 12, 201756 CW The Hague

Would you rather deliver your Christmas greetings on paper? Which can! You can hand in your tickets at the above address, Primera in Loosduinen, Paagman Frederik Hendriklaan, Paagman Lange Poten and the Douwe Egbertscafé in Mall of The Netherlands.

Free Christmas card from

Extra fun: in collaboration with you can get a free Christmas card this year (worth 3,93 euros) send. Don’t wait too long if you want to take advantage of this promotion, because there are a limited number of cards available.

You can send one free card per person. You will only see that the card is free after you have edited it in your digital shopping cart. Of course we assume that you are honest and that the voucher is only used for this promotion.

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