Published: 10 December 2021Modified: 10 December 2021

Work will start at the end of December 2021 to fix up the Sweelinckplein in Duinoord. The square will become greener and safer. It is part of the next phase of the ‘Sweelinckplein Fleurt op’ project. The municipality is working together with Stichting Vrienden van het Sweelinckplein.

What is going to happenthe last section of plants will be placed on the Waldeck Pyrmontkade sidethe tiles around the Sweelinckplein will be repaired new paving stones will be placed on the Sweelinckplein44 of the false acacia trees will be removed in line with the tree cutting permit 35 magnolia trees will be planted around the Sweelinckplein9 magnolia trees will be planted close to the Sweelinckplein Overview of the Sweelinckplein after the project Speed bumpsTo improve traffic safety 3 speed bumps will be put in place: 2 on the Koningin Emmakade side and 1 on the Waldeck Pyrmontkade side. These speed bumps will be constructed while work is being carried out on the Sweelinckplein. A speed bump was already placed earlier on the Waldeck Pyrmontkade side.

What is already readyDifferent sized plants have already been planted. They make the square tidier and make sure it is safer. This was 1 of the requests by residents.

More informationTo get information on the work schedule and accessibility go


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