The Victory Boogie Woogie tunnel has been open for a while now. You may have even driven through it once. We were surprised that the tunnel is completely white inside. The tunnel’s name refers to Mondrian’s famous painting, in which the three colors red, blue and yellow were widely used. Why don’t those colors come back in the tunnel? We went to investigate.

From the junction Plaspoelpolder near Rijswijk, you drive through the tunnel into the Binckhorst. From there you are quickly in the city center of The Hague. The name of the tunnel is on top of the arch and the letters are designed in the style of Mondrian, but the letters are not in color either.

A big disappointment

The name of the tunnel was devised and suggested by Kunstmuseum Den Haag. Before the tunnel was designed, the museum had also hoped that the tunnel would have the colors of the well-known painting by Mondrian, but it did not go beyond the letters in the Mondrian style on the arch of the tunnel.

The tunnel is now completely white inside. The tunnel boring machine that was used to drill the Victory Boogie Woogie tunnel was colored in the colors of Mondrian.

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The Victory Boogie Woogie, the famous painting by Piet Mondrian. Photo: ANP

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