Photographer, mother & co-owner of a beer brewery. We visit Louise Boonstoppel and talk about entrepreneurship, photography and beers.

From criminologist to bridal & lifestyle photographer

Besides enjoying, Louise works hard and a lot. She graduated as a criminologist and, after her master’s degree, worked in the legal department of Victim Support Netherlands. “I have been interested in being creative all my life. Because I had a VWO diploma, I thought a university education was a logical next step”. Still, Louise kept being creative and when she finally picked up the camera she knew ‘this is it!’

“I noticed that this gave me so much energy and so I quit my job and I went for my dream”. Louise photographs weddings and pregnancies, babies and young families. She loves the non-standard weddings and likes to do this in a natural and lifestyle way. “I notice that this branch of photography really suits me, because I really want to capture memories for my customers and because of this I can also photograph some customers more often, I am a kind of ‘home photographer’ for some”.

The best thing about her job, Louise thinks, is that she captures memories that only become more valuable over time. On the other hand, as an entrepreneur she is always ‘on’ and the balance between work and private life is sometimes difficult.

Photo: Milene van Arendonk / Near

A beer brewing photographer

This time Louise is not behind but in front of the camera. Now that the light is still good, we shoot a few pictures. In addition, we are talking about the beer brand that she has with her boyfriend. Jasper, her boyfriend, is the owner of the beer brand Eiber. “I always think along about the image of our company, the names of the beers, the design, texts and of course I take the photos”.

While Jasper is busy in the brewery below us, we are now tapping a Hofblond from Eiber. “I take care of the marketing of our beer brand, I also maintain the website and our Instagram page. We share an office together at the brewery so I am sufficiently involved in the process and here we also occasionally have a nice brainstorm about new beers or cool collaborations”. Keep all the balls up, or not?

The Hofblond tastes very good on this somewhat dark Friday afternoon. Entrepreneurship and motherhood, that asks what of a person, how does she do it? “I sometimes ask myself that too. Well, you just do it and sometimes you don’t. Keeping the balls up all the time just doesn’t work, so I’m learning to accept that more and more”. Sending an email later, being flexible and communicating well with each other is key, Louise tells us. “By the way, Sunday is sacred and we really want to keep it free for the family. Of course we are both entrepreneurs and therefore work a lot, but of course our daughter comes first”.

The other visitors to Haags Hoog (open every Friday until 12: 000 hour) exchanged the coffee for beer. We chat a bit off-the-record and while enjoying a delicious Eiber beer, we continue with a beautiful view over the city.

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