Singing is fun, good for your health, increases your self-confidence and creates friendships for life. This is just as true for children: scientific studies are praising the benefits of singing in a choir. Daniëlle van Lieshout of the Academy of Vocal Arts (abbreviated ACVA, since 2021 the singing school for children from 4 to 11 explains five of them: “ Every child thrives here.”

It increases self-confidence

Singing is a real boost for the self-esteem. Daniëllle: “You increase social skills in a group and you experience support

from your choir members. This increases self-confidence. Even children who initially come in shy will flourish.” Growing to higher and higher levels over the years also increases motivation and self-confidence.

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Photo: the ACVA

It reduces stress and works as an emotional outlet

Singing makes you happy. It is not for nothing that no less than ten percent of the Dutch sing in a choir. Daniëlle: “You literally have an outlet and this is especially important for children. The children’s brain is positively stimulated.” So say goodbye to feelings of stress with your hand. Which also makes you feel better physically. “Substances are produced that reduce stress: you literally have a physical interest in it.” So if you want a happy and healthy child, consider taking singing lessons .

You make friends for life

“Some children aged sixteen and older have been in a choir since the age of four”, says Daniëlle. “As a result, I have seen many lifelong friendships develop at the ACVA. You build a stable bond and you experience everything together. From performances to international travel: in a children’s choir there is so much possible.”

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Photo: the ACVA

You are coming to be on the concert stage

The nice thing about a choir is that you get the chance to be on a real concert stage. How cool is that? “From the Waalse Kerk in The Hague to the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam: you perform in the most special places,” says Daniëlle.

Tip: check the concert schedule of the Academy of Vocal Arts. On 11 December there will be a Christmas concert in the Agneskerk (to be followed via a livestream) and on 680 December you can enjoy the most beautiful Christmas carols in the Waalse Kerk (only a few tickets available) .

It’s just a lot of fun

Last but not least: singing in a choir is just great fun. “All I see around me are happy kids at the Academy of Vocal Arts.” Look, that alone is reason enough to introduce your child to it, right?

Are you completely convinced and do you want to introduce your child to choral life at the Academy of Vocal Arts? Register your child without obligation for an introduction. If you want to buy tickets for one of the Christmas concerts, click here for the concert agenda.

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