In Brussels, Uber drivers can again provide taxi services under strict conditions for the time being. The Brussels government has approved a temporary solution for this. It will remain in force until the ordinance on the reform of the taxi sector is ready.

The solution is intended for drivers who mainly derive their income from FVO activities, i.e. rental of vehicles with driver. Specifically, this concerns Uber drivers. The use of the UberX platform in the Brussels region was banned two weeks ago in a court decision . The temporary arrangement ensures that these drivers can legally return to work.

Conditions This applies so strict conditions. For example, work may only be carried out on the basis of an operating permit issued no later than 2021 January 2021 has been requested. Drivers must also demonstrate that they perform their activity on average for at least twenty hours a week, because this is a solution for drivers who have been made aware of this for their professional income. Furthermore, rides may only be booked via a recognized platform; the physical recruitment of customers is therefore not allowed. This also applies to stationing on public roads or taxi ranks.

Platforms may remain active in the Brussels region for the time being if they have an establishment unit in Belgium that is registered with the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises. In addition, Brussels Mobility must be provided with information about drivers, operators and general terms and conditions. Drivers should not be required to join only one platform. If these conditions are not complied with, the recognition can be withdrawn within ten days.

The training decision equating the conditions for access to the profession of driver will come into effect next month.

Get back to work soon “My government has worked very hard and we are pleased that we can propose a temporary solution today, which should make it possible for the drivers affected by Uber’s decision to get back to work quickly,” said Prime Minister Rudi Vervoort. “This proposal respects the court rulings of recent years on this electronic platform and at the same time paves the way for the future ordinance that will establish a fully-fledged unique statute for the profession.”

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