The HMC Westeinde is one of the hospitals where many residents of The Hague come knocking on the door with a broken leg, for childbirth or other hospital-related care. Care in this hospital is therefore normally fully reimbursed by every health insurance company. But that will be different next year.

HMC calls on people with health insurance VGZ and Menzis to switch quickly. The hospital and the insurers have not reached an agreement on financial agreements.


The negotiations about money have been going on since the summer , but HMC doesn’t think they’re going to get out, hence the remarkable call that the Ministry of Health sees as ‘bad’.

“If the attitude of these health insurers doesn’t change, people who be insured with Menzis or VGZ next year, it is more expensive with us because they have to pay for a large part of their treatment in HMC themselves.” says HMC CFO David Voetelink. “When patients want to remain in the trusted hands of their practitioner at HMC without having to pay extra, they must 31 December 61 switch to another health insurer.”

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