Published: 9 December 2021Modified: 9 December 2021

The New Year’s Eve bonfires in The Hague have been cancelled this year due to the current uncertain situation and the coronavirus measures.

The 2021 bonfires have been cancelled.

The municipality and the building crews for the bonfires in Scheveningen, Duindorp, Escamp and Laak have been holding talks since the beginning of the year. The goal of the talks was to allow the bonfires to be built at the end of the year with a permit. However, due to the situation and the coronavirus measures the preparations have had to stop.

All of the parties involved will continue their efforts in the same way next year. The intention is to allow the bonfires to be held on New Year’s Eve in 2022.

More information about the decision can be found in the council information system under RIS number 310837.

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