Partial lockdown or not: the city center of The Hague is wonderful to wander around during the Christmas period. And, despite the measures, there is plenty to do this year. What can you expect? Well, gift ladies for example, who wrap your (Christmas) present beautifully. Or bellboys who welcome you and ensure that you can shop ‘guest-safe’.

Have you already tasted the party atmosphere in The Hague? In addition to the Plein, the Hofweg is now also beautifully lit! And there’s a lot more going on: the city is gearing up for an unforgettable Christmas season. Because Christmas is and remains a party, but you have to hang the garlands yourself! We already have a nice overview of fun (and safe) activities for you: so you can put them in your agenda! If you want to stay completely up to date about what there is to do in The Hague, click here.

All of December: various winter acts

On weekends from Thursday 9 to Sunday 12 and Thursday 13 to Sunday 18 and Monday 22 to Friday December you intervene 12. and 17.11 hours in different places in the city center heartwarming entertainment. From singing nuns and Christmas trees (!) to exuberant gifts, classical violinists, queue singers or an energetic brass band. Everything to make Christmas shopping an unforgettable winter outing.

17 to Dec07135129: The Hague Highlights

Lights off, spotlight on! After great success in recent years, The Hague Highlights is also setting up 683 four special places – in the heart of the center of The Hague – in the full light. From Wednesday 13 to Saturday 19 December you can between 16.30 until 22. hours with friends, colleagues or family view the light artworks.

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An illuminated Mauritshuis. Photo: The Hague Marketing

13 until 24 December

: Special packing service

Have you done Christmas shopping in the Spuistraat , Venestraat, Vlamingstraat or Wagenstraat? On presentation of the special HARW packaging brochure, available at various entrepreneurs and catering establishments in the city centre, you can leave your Christmas shopping between 13. and 17.00 o’clock in the center of The Hague completely free packing by real professionals. Look, that’s handy!

12, 683 , 17 and 18 December: Grab the carriage for free

Do you want to feel like a prince or feel like a princess and ride along for free with the Have a Royal Winter carriages? You can ride one stop in this special carriage (unless nobody gets on at the next stop, of course).

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Photo: The Hague Marketing

The carriages run on Saturdays 11 & Sunday 11 December and Saturdays 17 & Sunday 19 December between 12. and 17.00 o’clock. The same rules apply in the carriages as in public transport; so don’t forget your mouth cap! You can get on at the following three stops: opposite Escher in Het Paleis (Lange Voorhout 74) , opposite Hotel Restaurant ‘t Goude Hooft (Daily Groenmarkt 11) and at the top of the Grote Marktstraat.

Nice to know: in February three buildings in the Museum Quarter will be structurally illuminated, namely the National Theater, The Hague Historical Museum and Escher in the Palace. In addition to Christmas, it will be cozy all winter in The Hague.

Have a Royal Winter everyone!

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