Due to the shortage of professional drivers, the focus is more than ever on volunteers for social welfare transport. While volunteer transport is seen by some as a valuable addition to regular care transport, others see it as a bread robbery. Forseti explored the advantages and disadvantages and concluded that this transport is necessary to continue to meet the mobility needs.

Daan Stevens, strategic transport advisor at Forseti, told us about this in the latest broadcast of TaxiPro TV. They note that the playing field in which WMO transport is located is growing. This is because there is an aging population and there is less scheduled transport in the region and in the urban districts, so that there is a greater need for fine-grained alternatives at the lower end of public transport.

For the municipality it is unaffordable to completely close this big gap with professional social welfare transport, thinks Stevens. “So there is a real need for alternatives.” He sees volunteer transport as a good addition to professional target group transport. “I think we shouldn’t think too much in opposites, so one or the other, but rather how it reinforces each other.” According to Stevens, a professional shell around the volunteer transport could ensure that the availability of the transport on weekends and public holidays remains guaranteed.

Taxi driver not just replace He does emphasize that a taxi driver is really a profession and that it concerns work that cannot simply be replaced. “You have to deal with quality control. When it comes to accessibility and securing wheelchairs, this is something you prefer to use professional people for.” In other areas, however, volunteers can mean more, according to him. “For example, an extra chat or going to the doctor for the consultation hour. Volunteer transport is a bit stronger in that regard, because they have more time for that. It would be nice to combine that a bit more often, so that it can complement each other well.”

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