Travel Electric from Amsterdam, which had to file for bankruptcy a few weeks ago due to the ongoing corona crisis, is making a new start as Travel Electric Netherlands. Three new shareholders will continue the organization.

Travel Electric announced in November that the mounting infection rates and the resulting collapsed demand for transport have taken its toll on the company. After talks with various transport companies, bankruptcy was eventually filed for bankruptcy. The current market sentiment would also make other companies wary.

The appointed bankruptcy trustee has explored the market after the bankruptcy was granted and started looking for a successor for the organization. At that time, three companies showed their willingness to jointly realize a new start. It concerns Maasstad Regie Centrale (MRC) from Rotterdam, and two taxi companies from the Haarlemmermeer and Amsterdam regions. They would have the same ambition as Travel Electric in terms of quality, sustainability and reliability.

Sjaak de Winter, head of strategy at MRC, states on behalf of the three carriers that they see potential in Travel Electric and want to take transport to the next level. “The ambition is to maintain this great company with electric vehicles and to expand it to other cities. MRC has national ambitions in this regard and we therefore want to turn Travel Electric, which now only operates in Amsterdam, into Travel Electric Netherlands.”

Access to a larger fleet The previous shareholder of Travel Electric had to make substantial additional contributions to guarantee the continuity of the company. Ultimately, this party gave up, resulting in bankruptcy. Sjaak de Winter explains that they now have longer to make investments. “We do not need to earn money directly from it and first want to give the company – also in the interest of customers, affiliated taxi companies and staff – a promising restart.”

In the first instance, Amsterdam under the new name all activities continued unchanged. Travelers are thus guaranteed of the services of the same group of drivers, but now also have access to a larger fleet of 23 drivers in the Randstad. . The agreed rates and the payment method also remain the same.

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