The taxi industry is fully engaged in the transition to emission-free transport. Charging infrastructure on company premises is seen as the most attractive option for charging electric vehicles. But how can a parking space be transformed into a solar charging station in the best and most cost-effective way? Purchasing electric taxis fits within the strategy of becoming more socially responsible. business and to reduce the burden on the environment. This can give an advantage over competitors, because customers demand it directly or indirectly. In tenders, the CO2 performance is often looked at, whereby companies that score better in terms of CO2 emissions have a better chance of being awarded the contract.

If it is details arrive, an entrepreneur with a smart solar charging station is one step ahead of other entrepreneurs, says supplier of solar carports AmperaPark. In addition, the kilometer price is reduced by charging taxis on solar power. From parking space quickly and safely to a solar charging station AmperaPark helps entrepreneurs transform parking lots into solar charging stations. “We turn an ‘ordinary’ parking space into a sustainable, energy-rich, circular and stylish parking space. We do this with our so-called AmperaPort, a carport with a solar roof that feeds the parked vehicle fleet with solar power through solar panels. Existing charging systems can easily be connected to the solar charging station.” Text continues below the photo. AmperaPort. Using an Energy Management System, supply and demand of energy are matched, so that an entrepreneur gets the maximum return from the installation. The company has developed various concepts and business models to make the energy transition possible for everyone in this way. “The investments for this are very low and entrepreneurs can even earn money with their parking spaces.” Yield of the parking space To investigate what a solar charging station can provide for taxi entrepreneurs, AmeraPark carries out parking lot scans free of charge. Conditions for this scan are that an entrepreneur has six or more parking spaces and a location in the sun. Read also: Municipality of The Hague wants to get rid of hydrogen taxis in target group transport ) ‘Greening taxis and coaches can be done even faster if the government takes control’ Electric wheelchair transport: this is what awaits us


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