Princess Amalia’s birthday is tomorrow! She then becomes years and of course that is a good time to take a look at the life of the crown princess. Tonight just 5 is broadcasting a documentary about her. In ‘Princess Amalia: Teenager on the way to the throne’ you get to see all the ins and outs of the life of the princess.

In this documentary, several people who have seen Amalia grow up close up tell about what they experienced with the princess. The documentary was made by LINDA. reporter Sam Hoevenaar. He talks with Jan Hoekema, the former mayor of Wassenaar, but also with the father of a former schoolmate of the princess.

Security is necessary for everything

The documentary shows how King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima try to let their daughters grow up as normally as possible. Yet it is almost impossible to lead a normal life as a princess.

A night at the cinema or a short bike ride is something different for Princess Amalia. Security guards must accompany her on every trip outside the palace doors. There is also a security guard in the documentary who tells about the princess.

Everything about the luxurious life of the princess

Do you always have Would you like to know what the luxurious life of Princess Amalia looks like behind closed palace doors? This documentary gives a nice insight into the life of the princess. You will find out what she likes to do in her spare time, what her school days were like and what kind of queen we can expect on the throne in the Netherlands.

Not the only docu about Princess Amalia

Of course the documentary is on Just 5 isn’t the only documentary about the princess to be aired this week. ‘Princess Amalia: Teen on the way to the throne’ can be seen tonight (December 6) at : 1638277724 hours on


On December 7, the day of her birthday, the Netherlands is 1 at 30: hour the docu ‘Amalia 30 year’. Of course, the talk shows and entertainment programs will also give a lot of attention to the th Birthday of the Crown Princess.

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