Taxi Steen from Ommen will provide transport for employees of sheltered employment Larcom. The taxi company will be responsible for this transport for at least four years from January 3 2022.

Larcom issued a tender in October for the transport of such 40 employees to locations in Ommen, Hardenberg and of people posted elsewhere from these locations. The award was based on the best price-quality ratio. Price weighed for 40 percent and quality for 40 per cent. With regard to quality, in addition to the usual matters such as employment conditions, Social Return On Investment (SROI) and service provision, short lines and good communication were also important.

‘Great opportunity for drivers from the area’ The taxi company has now purchased the vehicles for the assignment and the recruitment of drivers has started. In addition, contacts have been made with Taxi Bertil Jansen from Den Ham and taxi company Leemhuis from Sibculo, who also take care of several routes.

Taxi Steen Ommen calls the assignment a nice addition to the transport package. and a great opportunity for drivers from the area. The company makes every effort to ensure that the start of transport on January 3 2022 runs smoothly.

All confidence in the carrier Rob Houthooft, general manager at Larcom, thinks it is great that Larcom employees already work at Taxi Steen Ommen as cab driver. “In this way, they offer people with a distance to the labor market an opportunity to fully participate in society and we can only applaud that.”

Houthooft explains that the taxi company is investing in people by, among other things, offering them training and education to obtain the necessary taxi pass. “Our own transport department has a coordinating and controlling role. We are confident that group transport will be well organized for the coming years”, says the director.

The order will run until December 2025. After that, the contract can be extended twice for a period of two years.

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