What could be more fun than baking a cake? Nothing, right? And no, you don’t have to be a cake king. Marianne Koen from Happy Baking gives three super handy tips, with which even a layman can do it. Do you want to bake with the kids? Marianne also has handy life hacks for this.

There is almost nothing better than being creative. Why not make something you can eat too? With Christmas approaching, one plus one equals two: go make the ultimate Christmas cake, which you can put on Instagram. Or just eat it of course.

Not difficult

A cake baking is not really high math, says Marianne Koen of Happy Baking. In her cozy shop on Fahrenheitstraat you will find everything to bake a cake, from all kinds of baking tins to the most special cake decorations and baking mixes. Both experienced bakers and beginners are in the right place here.

Marianne: “To start with, you have to look at what you already have at home. Most people have a baking tin: that’s where it starts. If you don’t have one, we have all shapes and sizes for you.” Curious about what Marianne has for handy at home? Take a look at the Happy Baking webshop.

Tip 1: not too long

Tip 1: Especially if you are going to bake with children, it should not take very long before it is ready, says Marianne. “That’s why cupcakes and cookies are so much fun to do together. Don’t make it too difficult for yourself! With a tasty cake mix as a base, for example that of FunCakes, and colorful decorations you will quickly have a super festive effect. The cupcakes come out of the oven after minutes, cookies only have 15 to minutes. Of course they still have to cool down for a while, but you can use that time by making some decorations in advance, for example with fondant in different colors.”

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Same tips apply to these delicious Christmas cupcakes! Photos: Happy Baking

Tip 2: use a piping bag

Marianne: “The following applies to cupcakes: if you want to make them extra festive, you can spray a nice swirl on them. You can with buttercream, which doesn’t taste nearly as greasy as it sounds. But it is also possible with enchanted cream . The nice thing about enchanted cream is that it is ready very quickly! Three minutes with milk or water with the mixer on the highest setting and it can already be done in the piping bag. Of course, coloring is extra fun: at Happy Baking we have different types of coloring agents, both liquid and the more concentrated pastes and gels. We also have natural dyes in our range. Some sprinkles on the tuft or a nice sugar figure and the cupcakes are ready to eat again!”

Tip 3: go wild with decorations

Marianne: “Both cookies and cupcakes can be decorated with icing. This is especially fun for the younger children: glaze with a color and some nice (Christmas) sprinkles or figures on it and the party is complete. What is also very nice with cookies, is to decorate them with chocolate writers. We have these in different colors. You can also bake cookies from gingerbread mix, a cookie mix with a winter taste, and decorate them with chocolate writers. Briefly in the warm water and the chocolate becomes liquid enough to decorate. To make it easy this year, we have put together a handy package of gingerbread mix, a choco writer and a biscuit man for only € 6,95.”

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