The nightlife in the Netherlands has been quiet for some time, but this doesn’t stop everyone from partying. In Germany the pubs and cafes are still open until 11. open at night. Taxi and coach company Fietax from Weerselo responds to this and crosses the border with hundreds of young people every weekend.

The young people gather in large groups at gas stations at the border in Oldenzaal and then take party buses from Fietax to discotheques in Germany. In general, they stand and sit crammed into the buses without face masks. Last weekend, just like the weekend before, such 450 partygoers were taken away by the company.

Fietax normally offers event and exit transport in the Twente region. A driver who drops the partygoers over the border explains in conversation with RTV Oost that this is currently the only source of income, because – on a few day trips na – the rest of the transport is stopped. Moreover, he states that the choice to go by coach lies with the young people themselves. According to him, if they would not offer the transport, they would get there in a different way.

Safety region not to mention party buses Mouth masks would not be necessary, because different rules apply in Germany. The driver states that it is not mandatory there to wear a mouth cap if you have corona proof. He therefore does not think it is necessary for young people in the Netherlands to wear a mask to take it off again after crossing the border.

The Twente Security Region is not happy with the party buses. . Deputy chairman Arco Hofland calls the fact that the young people do not wear mouth caps ‘very worrying’. He states that the coach operator has a social responsibility. It would be obvious what is happening with the virus. “If you have to earn your money like this, I would say: don’t do it now”, says Hofland.

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