Rabbit Binkie was only a little one when he was found in the street. He was brought to Het Knaaghof and is now big and strong enough to build a new life with a girlfriend.

Binkie’s exact age is unknown, but he’s probably just beginning 2021 born. He is an active boy who prefers to run around and make the craziest jumps.

A rabbit with a mind of its own

Binkie is somewhat different for people. One minute he likes to connect, but there are also times when he doesn’t feel like being around people. He clearly states this. If he doesn’t like people, he just walks away. He sometimes allows petting, but he wants to get to know you a little better first.

Send your rabbit on a date with Binkie

Do you have a bunny girl sitting at home alone? The handsome Binkie would like a date with the young lady! If it clicks between the two, Binkie can go home with your bunny. Do you want to know more about Binkie or do you want to send your rabbit on a date with Binkie? Please contact Het Knaaghof.

Het Knaaghof

House at Landelaan 2, 2021 SG Rijswijk

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