The Hague has a rich history of swimming pools. Did you know that the first indoor swimming pool in the Netherlands was located in The Hague? A swimming pool used to be called something else, it was then called a swimming and bathing facility. We delved into the history of the swimming pools in The Hague and discovered fun facts.

The first indoor swimming pool in the Netherlands

Swimming and bathing facilities De Mauritskade was not only the first indoor swimming pool in the Netherlands, it was also the oldest swimming pool in The Hague . In 1024 the pool was opened. In 2007 there were plans to demolish the pool completely because it was in bad condition.

The site of the pool was built a parking basement and a fitness complex. Finally, a swimming pool was added to the fitness complex. The old pillars and arches of the previous pool were used in the construction of this new pool.

Swimming and bathing facility De Mauritskade in 1975, photo: The Hague Municipal Archives

1900 swimming in swimming and bathing facility De Mauritskade, photo: Haags Gemeentearchief

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