If we wanted to have a bite to eat in the new Surinamese (takeaway) restaurant Koko aan de Korte Poten, owner Shastri Bhabouti asked. Of course the editors of indebuurt want that. Bring on those Surinamese delicacies. We opted for a vegan jackfruit sandwich and the milk-free ‘milk drink’ Dawet. And it was nice that it was!

Recently we wrote that Korte Poten has a delicious eatery richer: Koko Authentic Surinamese Foods. Where you can eat and pick up homemade

Surinamese delicacies for an affordable price. From noodles and fried rice to roti rolls

, Bakabana, Bara’s and a delicious Pom sandwich.

Many vegan options

There is little that this family restaurant doesn’t have. Very nice that the vegans among us also get their money’s worth here. There is a vegan option for almost every dish: you can, for example, order your roti roll based on pumpkin. A very big plus for vegans who can finally enjoy authentic Surinamese food without dairy or meat.

Koko is a very cosy, warm restaurant. The interior is attractive and contains many tropical elements, so you can imagine yourself in Suriname. As soon as you step in you feel welcome as Shastri, his cousins ​​and his mother greet you right away. They think that’s important. They also find it essential that everything is homemade. The roti ‘pancakes’ here do not come from a factory, emphasizes Shastri’s mother.

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Jackfruit with a twist

We let Shastri surprise us a bit with our lunch choices. One of us, Lotta, is vegan and there appears to be enough goodies for her on the menu. She takes a ‘Jackfruit’ sandwich (€3,50 for a large sandwich): this fruit from India is currently popular as a meat substitute because it has the texture of meat.

Lotta loves the sandwich: “It really has a special twist,” she says. “A very slightly spicy note with a sweet element. The texture is wonderfully soft, but not too much. I have never tasted anything like it!” She also takes a number of Jackfruit croquettes (€3 for three pieces). “Indistinguishable from the real thing!” she exults. Lotta drinks a delicious Matcha Latte made from oat milk (€ 3,-). “Drinks deliciously”, she says.

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And me (Lizette)? On the advice of Shastri, I go for a good old

codfish sandwich (€ 3, 75). I add some vegan samosas (€ 2 each), which are slightly spicy filled with potato and vegetables. The tasty sandwich is very well filled with slightly spicy cod with a soft texture.

I drink Dawet, a popular Surinamese milk drink (but without milk!). It is the first time in my life that I drink Sawet: the taste is sweet, but not too sweet. It has a light aniseed flavour, which makes it a delicious combination with the slightly spicy cod and samosas.

Conclusion: we will definitely come back here!

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