Don’t feel like toiling in the kitchen yourself? You don’t have to, because in The Hague you can have a meal delivered to your home via many delivery services. Within seconds you have bought a meal via an app or website. Where can you order anything? You can read that here!

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The largest provider in The Hague is In our city you can choose from 200 restaurants. Please note: some catering establishments do not deliver everywhere in The Hague.

At most eateries you pay a contribution for delivery costs. The amount of this varies per catering business. Often these costs are removed if you pay for euros or more.


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In a list with delivery services in The Hague, Deliveroo cannot be missed. The bicycle couriers go through all kinds of weather for, among others, Baladi, MamaMia and The Poke Bar.

Here too, the delivery costs and times differ per catering business. Tasty!

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Uber Eats

Uber Eats is also located in The Hague. In our city you can order from Sumo, Vascobelo and Buddha Bowl. The company hands over your dish between 10 .00 and 11. o’clock. Delivery time and costs vary per restaurant.


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