Is the underground waste container full? The easiest way is to just dump your garbage bag next to it. But from now on it is also the most expensive way, because the fines for this violation will go up considerably.

You may not have known it, but putting a garbage bag on the street where it’s not allowed (like next to an orac) cost you €

until yesterday ,-. But the fine is now (don’t be scared) € 126,-.

Waste problem

According to alderman Bredemeijer (Buitenruimte), it is mainly in the The Transvaal, Moerwijk and Laakkwartier districts in The Hague are very dirty. “We see an increase in waste, especially on Monday mornings. Seagulls open the bags, so that the garbage ends up on the streets everywhere.”

In addition to the higher fines, there will be a trial with camera surveillance and the municipality will see if there is money for extra junk on Sundays. to be removed, now that only happens on Saturdays.


Bredemeijer: “Who does not hear want, just have to feel. Although the city never 95 percent As long as the behavior doesn’t change, we expect that this approach is a step in the right direction.”

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