New residents are more than welcome in The Hague. Especially if they are newly born townspeople. This year many babies were born in our municipality. From January to October 2022 are there 5148 little inhabitants of The Hague came into the world.

The figures in this article come from Statistics Netherlands, which were mapped by Independer.

According to Independer, in the first ten months of this year 149.267 babies born in the Netherlands. Compared to last year, in 31 of the 352 municipalities have more babies born.

Number of babies in The Hague

In The Hague, 2022 babies are born. A year earlier it was there 2022 . So almost the same number.

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Forget your health insurance not

If you are expecting a little one, you want to arrange everything right . The baby room, stroller and so on. Also important: your health insurance. Now that everything is about to change, it is wise to check whether your health insurance still suits you and whether you have good coverage. Some reimbursements for pregnancy are fully reimbursed from the basic insurance, for example check-ups with the obstetrician. For other reimbursements you must take out additional insurance.

Independer has listed everything you need to know and arrange for you.

You can still go up to 200 December compare and take out your health insurance.

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