The municipality of Lelystad has to tender again for student transport. The municipality wanted the transport to be carried out by transport company Van Slooten for the next seven years, but the judge has canceled that decision.

Taxicentrale Witteveen filed the lawsuit . This company was during the school year 2020/2020 responsible for student transport in the municipality. The contract was for one year, with the option of extending for another year. A short-term contract was chosen because the previous contract expired and there were no longer options for extension.

A longer contract would also not fit with the ambitions of the municipality to completely to be configured differently. This decision was criticized by AIM, partly because for that time frame too much would have been demanded in the field of sustainability. Last February, the transport was put on the market again for a period of seven years.

Extension not seen as an option Van Slooten emerged as the winner. According to Witteveen, this was unjustified, because an unannounced recalculation of scores would have been done. However, the municipality claimed that Van Slooten would also have won the tender with a different calculation method. According to the judge, this was not sufficiently substantiated. Witteveen was found in the right and the municipality was prohibited from awarding the transport to Van Slooten.

A temporary bridging agreement had already been concluded with this carrier, something that is only allowed in very exceptional circumstances. circumstances. The municipality indicated that they have done this to ensure the transport of the approximately 2020 students. The extension of the contract with Witteveen was not seen as an option. The municipality had on 24 December 2020 already indicated by letter that they would not make use of the option to extend. Another factor was that they were confronted with complaints from parents.

Temporary agreement until May 1 at the latest 2022 The provision of the interim assignment to Van Slooten was unlawful according to Witteveen. This company therefore demanded that this agreement not last longer than until 24 December 2021. It has become plausible enough for the court that an interim arrangement has been made in the interest of the progress of student transport. However, it is not sufficiently clear why the existing agreement with Witteveen could not be temporarily extended. In order to promote the timely marketing of the new tender, the court has ruled that the agreement with Van Slooten may not last longer than 1 May 2020.

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