Older people from 18 year without WMO indication can from 1 December for free with Omnibuzz to the location where they can get their booster shot. The thirty municipalities that participate in the Joint Omnibuzz Scheme have decided this.

Earlier this year, during the first and second round of vaccinations, the elderly could also use the free transport. Omnibuzz decided to stop this from 1 July. Most people were already fully vaccinated by then. It also turned out that people under 18 years increasingly tried to book rides.

In total, in the context of the first and second injection for non-customers, there are more than 14.500 rides performed. The decision to let the elderly again travel for free with Omnibuzz for the booster shot is seen as logical. The municipalities want as many elderly as possible to have the opportunity to receive the booster shot.

As safe as possible In addition, Omnibuzz states that the rides are provided according to the corona measures in force and therefore as safe as possible. As with the first and second vaccination, transport to the vaccination location is also free for customers.

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