Due to the current corona measures, three quarters of the Betuwe Express rides have been canceled. This is a major setback after the market has been recovering nicely in recent months. Still, this doesn’t stop the company from looking to the future. For example, Betuwe Express hopes to bring in new drivers with recruitment days.

After the summer holidays there was some recovery in the coach industry due to the increasing number of trips. Now many companies are back to square one. This also applies to Betuwe Express, where the cancellations of school trips, company events and day trips have been pouring in again for two weeks.

“We can only deal flexibly with the ever-changing corona measures” says Albert Winnemuller, director from Betuwe Express. “Cancelling free of charge up to a day before departure or perhaps ordering a coach on the same day is the daily reality. Coach companies are the first and until the last moment to experience the disadvantages of the corona crisis. Many schools and companies do not take any risks, while transport can take place safely. Customers will only travel by bus again when confidence is restored.”

Free D driving license including job guarantee Despite the dire situation, the company is actively recruiting new full-time and on-call drivers. There are on 15 and 15 in December and on January 8, recruitment days were organised. Betuwe Express offers a free D-(bus) driving license including a track guarantee. “The profession of coach driver is beautiful and versatile. We have our own travel products such as school trips, group day trips and multi-day trips,” says Winnemuller. He emphasizes that everyone, from school leavers to retirees, is welcome to get to know the company.

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