December this year is not only dominated by the holidays, but also by snow and rain. Do you have to wear a thick sweater non-stop in the coming weeks or is a t-shirt also an option? You can read that here.

Last month of the year start with changeable weather, which was also visible in the last days of November . According to WeerOnline, this is due to a northwest wind. “As a result, precipitation falls regularly and it is occasionally quite wet. So you often need your umbrella or rain gear in the first weeks of December”, according to the meteorologists of


Snow in The Hague

Are you looking forward to the wet days? Perhaps this makes it a bit more fun: the northwest wind can provide snow. There is a high risk of white flakes, especially in the interior. Let’s just hope it comes our way as well. In addition, it freezes the first few nights of December in The Hague.

Mild winter days

In the second part of the month, the northwest wind – and with it the wetness – weakens. The mercury rises those days in The Hague to a maximum of eight degrees. This gives you mild winter days, which is quite normal for the time of year.

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We don’t know how long it will last, so we’re enjoying it to the fullest! Beautiful photos are taken every day…

You really have to see this video of a snow white The Hague

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