A little Hagenaar knows the Hague mate. This typical Hague hairdo with long hair in the neck is indispensable in the city. The Haags Matje is on the rise, but this time in a very different form.

Oer-Haagse Roy van den Hoogen, owner of the Primerawinkel on Theresiastraat, came up with the idea to design a doormat in The Hague. It is an ode to The Hague’s hospitality. In the past, that hospitality was much less, according to Roy. “The cold poop of the past gave you a meager cup of coffee to get you out of there as quickly as possible.”

Big wink from The Hague

Now it’s different. It doesn’t matter whether you come from the peat or the sand

or whether you are new to The Hague. Everyone is welcome here. The Haags Matje is a big nod to the typical Hague hairdo with long hair in the neck and that is also reflected in the design.

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Photo: Haags Matje

Creative in difficult times

Roy came up with the idea of ​​the Haags Matje because these are not easy times for him. The store on Theresiastraat is located in the middle of a neighborhood with many offices. Since the pandemic, he has far fewer customers in his store. The fireworks sale is also canceled for the second year in a row.

Would you like to give your friends a Hague welcome when they come by? You get the Haags Matje at Theresiastraat 11 for two bucks.

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Primera Theresiastraat

Theresiastraat 11,

AA The Hague

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