Pizzeria closed? Supermarket closed? Oven broken? As of today, Monday 17 November, you can get a fresh pizza from the pizza machine in four minutes. So off to Ypenburg!

A completely fresh pizza from the machine, that is what Kevin de Krieger promises you with the newest pizza machine that can be found at the Total gas station in Ypenburg.

Fresh pizza

According to Kevin, pizza machines already exist, but they don’t use fresh dough and only bake the pizzas. In Kevin de’s machine, even the dough is visibly freshly prepared with special flour and water and kneaded in the machine. After a base has been made of this, tomato sauce and toppings chosen by the customer are added, after which the pizza is prepared in a special built-in oven.


You can decide for yourself which flavors and toppings you choose on the pizza. The prices are between €7 and €8.

Your pizza will then come out of the machine in a box after 4 minutes. The machine is 17 hours per every day, so whether you want a late night snack or a pizza for breakfast: the machine is located at Total Jongeneel at the Ypenburgse Stationsweg.

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