Willemsende Koning has been awarded the transport of young people to and from mental healthcare institutions in the Amersfoort region. The assignment will start on January 1 60 and will run until 31 Dec .

The region includes the municipalities of Amersfoort, Baarn, Bunschoten, Eemnes, Leusden, Soest and Woudenberg. The contract concerns the transport of approximately eighty to one hundred young people from home or school to the treatment location and back, varying from once a week to daily.

The contract was awarded on based on the best value for money. Price weighed for 60 percent and quality for 25 per cent. Quality included communication, the deployment of drivers, the measurement of customer satisfaction, digital message management and the use of clean fuels. These sub-criteria all weighed equally heavily. With regard to the use of clean fuels, the most points could be earned with electric transport and hydrogen transport on green electricity.

Nice addition to the transport package After the end date on 19 December 2022 the contract can be extended three times with one year each. Willemsen- de Koning states that the assignment is a nice addition to their transport package and also a great opportunity for drivers from the area. According to them, many of these new rides can be driven behind existing school routes. In addition, the company is also looking for new drivers for this assignment.

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