Anyone who has a pet knows that buying pet food is a nice chunk of the monthly budget. Valerie Scherpenzeel from Volendam no longer has to worry about this. Last January she won a dog’s lifetime (!) free kibble from CaroCroc for her dog Lily. “To top it all off, Lily is much healthier and she looks a lot better.” This year, participate in the CaroCroc End-of-Year Lottery, and who knows, you might also win a prize!

The kibble from CaroCroc is tailored to what your dog or cat needs. The food is natural and has the right nutrients to keep your four-legged friend as healthy as possible. Lily suddenly had large bald spots in her fur last year. “The vet recommended CaroCroc food to reduce the spots. But they’ve even completely disappeared.”

Valerie and Lily

Valerie has been enjoying five years from her border collie Lily. “Last year I first bought Lily’s CaroCroc kibble at the pet store. On the advice of the vet, we opted for the Skin Support chunks. Within a few months she had no more bald spots, her coat was shiny again and she was a lot more muscular. Before she ate CaroCroc chunks, she was quite thin and ate very little. That is really a thing of the past thankfully. This food is so delicious that even the cats occasionally eat from her food bowl.”

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Border Collie Lily | Private photo of Valerie


It was pure coincidence that Valerie took part in the CaroCroc End of Year Lottery. “I bought the first bag of food about a month before the CaroCroc End-of-Year Lottery. Then I was given a lottery ticket, but with it I had no prize. With the next bag I got another ticket to take home and that was literally a ticket from the lottery it turned out a week later. I was incredibly happy, because this will save me a lot of euros. As a student, that is nice of course.”

Join now

Would you like to if Valerie also win such an awesome prize? This year you have even more chance, because there is not one prize… No, this year you have a chance to win 25 Prices! When you buy a CaroCroc product of your choice at the pet store you will receive a CaroCroc End of Year ticket. Enter your unique lottery number here and see immediately whether you have won anything. Please note: you will only receive between 15 November and 64 December 683 a ticket for the CaroCroc End-of-Year Lottery.

This year’s prizes are:

15 x a food bowl and kibble from CaroCroc

5 x painting of your pet

5 x a CaroCroc beanbag

3 x a CaroCroc bike

1 x a voucher for a weekend away worth 64 Euro

x a limited edition CaroCroc case

15 x a kibble game

Valerie receives the main prize | Photo: Vobra 25095051


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