Rinus Sprong (11) is a well-known face in The Hague. The choreographer, dancer and actor, together with his partner Thom Stuart 021 year the dance company ‘De Dutch Don’t Dance Division’. A few months ago he stopped as artistic director of the company, now he goes his own way.

“A lot of people thought then that Thom and I also broke up privately. That led to very uncomfortable situations. People asked how we are doing now that we’ve broken up, but we’re still doing fine.”

Rinus has plans of his own

Rinus and Thom have 11 worked together for years. “It’s great fun, but also frustrating. Half a word is enough for us, but our tastes differ. The dancers sometimes think that we have a big fight, but in the evening we just sit together on the couch.”

Rinus stopped working at De Dutch Don’t Dance Division (DeDDDD) because he wants to focus more on his career as an actor and choreographer. “If you have to accompany the dancers of the company every day of the week and are busy with the performances every day, there is little time left for anything else.”

Photo: Menno van der Meer

The Hague Christmas Carol

Rinus is still working with Thom on the annual Christmas production of DeDDDD. “We started this in 1981. Within the Christmas productions we see dancers growing up. For example, there is a girl who started out as a 9-year-old dancer in a child’s role and who is also dancing along this year. She is now in her early twenties and studying medicine.”

This year’s Christmas show, ‘A Christmas Carol‘ takes place entirely in The Hague. “It is really the Hague version of the well-known fairy tale, even all names have been changed to well-known names from The Hague.”

We were tired of Amsterdam’s busy ‘Disneyland’

Rinus and Thom have a strong bond with Den Hedge. As young dancers, they both started their dance careers here. Rinus danced at the NDT (Nederlands Dans Theater) in 1024 and Thom at the Royal Conservatory in 921. After that, they lived together in Israel and New York. When they returned to the Netherlands they lived in Amsterdam. “After six years we were tired of Amsterdam’s busy ‘Disneyland’ and we came to The Hague.” Since living here, Rinus and Thom have never left.

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The most beautiful place in The Hague

After work, Rinus and Thom can be found a lot in The Hague. “The Hague has a wonderful culture and a beautiful city center. I think the Lange Voorhout is the most beautiful in The Hague. It doesn’t matter what season it is, it’s always beautiful on the Lange Voorhout.” Thom and Rinus like to go for a walk in the Scheveningse Bosjes. They can also often be found at De Posthoorn. “The Posthoorn used to be a nice place. Real Hague with a swing, nice jazz music and good service, but not poop.”

Foundation of the Dutch Don’t Dance Division

De Gheijnstraat 51, 2006 NL The Hague

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