28 November 2021, by Victoria Séveno

Whether you’re new to the Netherlands or have been here for a while, getting to grips with the Dutch culture can be tricky, and it can take time. Brushing up on your cycling skills and getting familiar with the Dutch language may feel like the number one priorities, but there’s so much more to the Netherlands than the language and the cycling. 

With December right around the corner, you’ll likely be fully focused on your plans for the upcoming Christmas holidays. But before Christmas, there is an extremely important celebration that takes place here in the Netherlands: Sinterklaas. 

What is Sinterklaas and how does the Netherlands celebrate it?On December 5, families up and down the country gather and eagerly await the sound of heavy knocking on their front door. Kids try as hard as they can to get a peek of the iconic Sint on his white horse, or of one of his many helpers. 

Are you confused? No worries, the celebration of Sinterklaas really isn’t complicated! Watch this handy video guide on all things related to this Dutch tradition, and you’ll be an expert on all things Sint in no time.

From the intocht to pakjesavond – you now know basically everything you need to know about celebrating the traditional Dutch equivalent to Christmas. So grab your pepernoten and strooigoed and get ready to celebrate the big night!

Will you be celebrating Sinterklaas with friends or family this year? Let us know in the comments below!


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