Scared kittens and half-grown babies (between kitten and adult): they are born on the street and have to see. Luckily there are people who notice them so they can be caught and eventually end up in the shelter. But they can’t stay there.

In the At the shelter, the animals are safe, they are warm, they get their food and drink on time and the vet checks daily whether they are doing well. However, they cannot stay and will have to be vaccinated and microchipped when they are healthy again.


We are looking for special people for these small, hissing, sometimes spitting kittens. Especially in the sense that they don’t expect the new addition to sit on their lap right away. And maybe not even after six months. People who let the kitten (or a couple) get used to it in a crate or a small space and only then gradually release it throughout the house. In the sense that the new owners

do not expect anything ,

but want to give a lot . People who have the time to get started and gain trust, so that these kittens also have a bright future. It can help if there is already a social cat in the house.

If you want to give such a kitten a nice home forever, please respond via

Because the Hague Zoo offers the best possible If you want to make a match, it would be nice if you could already answer the questions below and send them in the mail.

    1. How many members does your family consist of?

      1. Do you have children? If so, what age are they?

      2. Have you had cats before ?
      3. How long is the cat home alone? Will that change when the measures due to the coronavirus are over?
      4. Do you have/have other pets? If so, please provide more information about their characters/age (e.g. are they used to living with a cat)
      5. Do you have an enclosed outdoor area where the cat can come? Balcony/garden

      6. What kind of cat are you looking for? Age, character….
      7. The Hague Animal Center


      8. , 9170 MC The Hague

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