Have you been to the Binckhorst recently? The Binckhorst Bridge, around the corner from Capriole Café, is now in such bad shape that not all traffic is allowed over it.

The bridge is now 85 years old and clearly in need of renovation. Trucks and buses are no longer allowed to drive over the bridge. Do you still dare to drive over it? Then you are allowed a maximum of 11 kilometers per hour drive instead of 50 kilometers per hour.

It is best to take a detour

Repair work is planned for the bridge, but they will only start 2021 starts. It is unknown at this time how long the work will take.

The trucks and buses are now being diverted. Don’t you want to cross the bridge yourself? Then you can drive into the city via Maanweg, Melkwegstraat and Zonweg. If you want to leave the city, drive from Binckhorstlaan to Zonweg and then on Regulusweg.

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