The hip restaurant Mama Kelly, known for its chicken and lobster, is closed and will no longer open. But if you also liked the interior of the shop, there is good news: it is for sale.

The entire inventory of MaMa Kelly is currently for sale on the auction site BVA Auctions.


Whether you are looking for stacks of plates, an oven, designer lamps or glasses from the champagne brand Moët & Chandon, with a little luck you can score something nice for a few tens.

MaMa’s reception desk and neon signs are also on the auction site. For some interior and kitchen items you only pay a few tens, but the auction lasts until Tuesday 7 December, so the price can still rise.


From the beginning 2021 you can at the Binckhorst for a juicy steak, because Loetje takes over from Mama Kelly. Restaurant Loetje is known for its tender steaks with delicious gravy in which you want to dip your sandwich. This will be the second location in The Hague, the first is located at the Haagsche Bluf.

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