It’s back on the to-do list: checking your health insurance. You have until January 1 to extend, adjust or switch your insurance. Not a fun job, but important. Fortunately, Independer lends you a hand. This step-by-step plan will guide you through the process.

There are a total of five steps that you have to go through, according to the comparison site Independer when check your health insurance.

1. Check your policy sheet

First, get the policy sheet of your current health insurance policy. This shows what is currently in your package and how much premium you pay for it. Found it? On to step two.

2. What are your wishes?

Now that you know what you are insured for, the question is: are you satisfied with this or not at all? You can only know this by making a list of your wishes for the coming year. Do you still have to go to the physio for your knee in ? Or do you already know that you are going to buy glasses next year? These are all things to consider for your next health insurance plan. So write them down!


3. Make a comparison

Now that you have insight into what your ideal health insurance policy must meet, it is time to compare. This can easily be done with Independer’s healthcare comparator. Here you can compare insurers – based on your wishes.

Click on the yellow button below for the healthcare comparator. First fill in your personal details, how much deductible you want to pay and what you want additional insurance for (your wishes). Finished? Then click on the yellow button ‘View insurance’ on the right and the comparison can begin.

4. Compare with current health insurance

Independer has now selected which insurance policies best suit your needs. And you probably now prefer one health insurance policy. Compare your current health insurance policy with this result. Ask yourself: am I progressing?

Remember: the premium of your current package will probably also change next year. Compare the premium of the recommended health insurance with the premium that you will pay next year if you do not switch, and not the premium you paid this year. Check here whether your premium increases:

Source: Independer

5. Take out your new health insurance

You’re almost there. You can tick off the extensive research and you should have made a definitive choice. Now is the time to renew your health insurance or take out a new one. Done? Congratulations! Then you are now all set. Your health insurer will take care of the rest, even if you switch. One less worry.


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