A works council (OR) is mandatory for transport companies with more than fifty employees. However, not all these companies have one, for example due to the lack of enthusiasm. The opposite was the case at Citax Tiel en Voet Personenvervoer. In view of the great interest, they organized elections in each region in which they are active to establish their joint Works Council.

This was discussed during the latest broadcast of TaxiPro TV. Having a Works Council is not unique within the taxi industry. Some larger companies have had such an employee council for many years. This seems logical, given that it is a legal obligation. However, not all companies succeed in setting up one.

After extensive consultation with, among others, the KNV and the Social Fund for Mobility, Citax Tiel en Voet Personenvervoer 21 January 2021 finally decided to set up a joint Works Council. According to the rules of the Social Economic Council (SER), the works council had to consist of nine members, given the size of the workforce.

27 registrations for 9 places Where it is not always possible in other companies It is an easy task to generate sufficient interest to fill these places, according to Verhoeven responded in their case 23 employees on the announcement. Given the great willingness to apply for membership, elections have been organized in every region where the companies operate. Kevin de Nijs, driver and taxi trainer at Citax, among others, was elected as chairman.

The first official Works Council meeting under his leadership took place on 2 November. Verhoeven suspects that not much will change in the organization as a result of the meetings. “I hope we have already organized it in such a way that people are already reasonably satisfied.”

De Nijs states that as a driver he knows well what is going on in the workplace. “You hear and see various signals when something is not going quite right. I have always taken the initiative to raise this with the board. Many ideas have been positively received and implemented, but others are still on the shelf.” He wants to change this with the OR.

Watch the broadcast with Wick Verhoeven and Kevin de Nijs here:

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