Published: 26 November 2021Modified: 26 November 2021

Over the coming months a mobile waste collection point can be found every Wednesday on the Radio Hollandplein in Scheveningen. Here you can dispose of electric appliances and domestic chemical waste.

Every Wednesday between 12.30 and 15.30 hrs. you can dispose of small household appliances here for free. For example, hairdryers or mixers. Domestic chemical waste is also welcome. For example, batteries and used frying oil.

New products will be made using the raw materials from the items dropped off there. This is good for the environment. Will you pitch in as well? 

Do you have large items, such as a bicycle or furniture? Bring these to a recycled goods shop (kringloopwinkel) in the neighbourhood. Or make an appointment for the collection of bulky waste. 

The mobile collection point on the Radio Hollandplein


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