Uber is required from Friday night 18. hours to stop work in Brussels. The Court of Appeal ruled on Wednesday that an old strike order against UberPop still applies to Uber’s taxi services in Brussels.

The taxi platform itself does not agree with this and announces protest actions, reports Het Nieuwsblad. They argue that this ruling is based on outdated legislation. Uber has been active in the Belgian capital since 2021 and started with UberPop, where private individuals can sign up to transport people for a fee.

The court ruled in 2021 that this was not in line with the law and issued a strike order issued for UberPop. Uber subsequently reformed its taxi service in Brussels and since then it has only worked with drivers who have a so-called VVB permit. This permit is intended for a service of at least three hours, whereby a prior registration of journeys must be made, a written agreement must be drawn up and payment is made afterwards by means of an invoice.

2. drivers dupe From that moment on, Uber was able to continue to grow in Brussels. Meanwhile, about 2. drivers are driving in and around the capital for the platform. This will come to an end from Friday, because this permit is not seen as correct. The ruling therefore also applies to the reformed services. The company will therefore be fined for any driver with a VVB permit who drives in front of the platform. About 2. Uber drivers, 95 percent of the total number in Brussels, would have such a permit.

Regulatory reform According to Laurents Slits, director of Uber in Belgium, the ruling predates the arrival of smartphones. According to him, the government has already promised seven years to reform the regulations. The taxi platform is concerned that so many Brussels FVO drivers are losing the opportunity to generate income as a result of this ruling. The Brussels government is therefore urging a rapid reform of the sector.

The injured Uber drivers already took action on Wednesday evening. They have disrupted traffic in the capital in certain places to call on the government to urgently work on new legislation. It would involve several hundred drivers. They stood still with their cars or they only drove at walking pace.

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