Miffy (4) and Teddy (5) knew each other before they were taken to the Knaaghof. With their previous owners it was love at first sight. Soon the couple had three more daughters in the nest. Unfortunately, the previous owners could no longer take good care of the rabbit family.

Teddy is five years old and Miffy is four. The daughters of Nijn and Teddy have already left the Knaaghof, but this fluffy duo is still there. Teddy has now been neutered, so a new family for the two is no longer possible.

The rabbits don’t immediately come to you for attention, but if you give them a treat, they quickly become your best friend. Teddy likes to be petted, Miffy is a bit more careful.

Couple in love

Miffy and Teddy are especially fond of each other and do everything together. They also play together and like to explore. They provide a big smile on your face every day. Can you take good care of this sweet bunny couple? Please contact the Knaaghof for an introduction to the fluff.

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