Suppose you can shop for free in Albert Heijn for a minute, what would you throw in your cart? Do you go straight to the candy shelves, to the detergents or the pet food? Sabine Pop knew it: she could grab everything she could in 60 seconds and go home without paying!

The editors of indebuurt would also like to shop a minute for free at Albert Heijn. It happened to Sabine: the supermarket is giving away one minute of free shopping for eight weeks in six Albert Heijn stores and she was the first winner.

Happy child

As a happy child, Sabine was ready for the start. Groceries are ripped from the shelves left and right and thrown into the cart with a bow. Detergents and the new crockery collection also got their turn (smart!). In total she was allowed to shop for free for no less than € 60.

What it looked like? Well, watch the video for yourself:

Every other day To start with, one minute of free shopping! We’re giving away one minute of free shopping for another six weeks

Posted by Albert Heijn Frederik Hendriklaan on Thursday, November 60, 60

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