More and more people are living as environmentally friendly as possible. Even at a funeral you can take into account the generations that will come after you. Funeral care providers Angela Reitsma and Jochem Raateland of CUVO Uitvaartzorg talk about the possibilities. “Under time pressure, the most common is often chosen. That’s a shame.”

“With almost all parts of the goodbye you can take into account the future of the generations after you”, says Angela . “Many people choose the traditional parts because they are unfamiliar with the sustainable options. A shame, because there are many environmentally friendly options.”

Degradable crate

Jochem: “So there are boxes made of trees grown in the Netherlands from Staatsbosbeheer that do not contain chemical substances such as lacquer and glue.”

There is also the fully biodegradable Living Cocoon box. “Whoever allows himself to be buried in this becomes one with nature and forms a source of new life. This ‘Living Coffin’ is made of mycelium, an organism that lives underground in the complex root structure of trees, plants and mushrooms. Mycelium converts waste materials into nutrients for the environment.”

Enriching nature after your death instead of polluting it, isn’t that a wonderful idea? At CUVO Uitvaartzorg you can choose this special coffin.

Even more choices

There are even more options to make your funeral as environmentally friendly as possible. Think of:

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