Maasstad Transport Service became control center in September. Head of strategy Sjaak de Winter speaks of a successful step with which the company is very happy. There are therefore already ambitious plans for the future.

This was discussed during the last broadcast of TaxiPro TV , taking a look at the company. In recent years they drove a lot for other contract holders. In September , however, the helm was changed and they decided that they also wanted to take charge of the transport.

De Winter speaks of a logical ‘next step’ because, according to him, the company has built up a lot of experience and they know that they can do it well. “This has also become apparent, because we are currently allowed to carry out contract transport on behalf of nine municipalities that have placed their trust in us. This concerns both student and social assistance transport.”

Not sufficient Because Maasstad Regie Centrale, in its own words, is an ambitious company, it does not stop there and is looking ahead. For example, the company is getting new business premises in Barendrecht and they want to get their hands on target group transport in Rotterdam. In addition, steps are being taken in the field of sustainability. De Winter states that quite a few electric vehicles are already being driven, but that they may also want to start driving hydrogen-powered vehicles next year.

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