A man who smashed a taxi window with a nitrous oxide tank in February and urinated in the back seat has been fined and sentenced to 6 weeks in prison. He also received the prison sentence because he was also found guilty of assaulting his mother.

The man himself stated that he broke the window of the taxi because he could not breathe. As for his mother’s assault, he believed he wanted to throw a picture frame at his sister, but his mother jumped into the path of his throw. He then accidentally hit her face. However, both statements have not become plausible.

It has become apparent that the suspect has already been irrevocably convicted of committing criminal offences. Since 2017 there has been an offense pattern consisting of fraud and fraud. In addition, the probationary period for his previous convictions is still ongoing.

Rare, psychologically pathetic development Previous research has already been done into the psychological state of the man. A far-reaching, psychologically pathetic development could not be ruled out. Great concerns are expressed about his functioning, his physical and physical condition and the fact that he refuses to cooperate in investigations. The chance that he will commit the wrong again is also estimated as high.

All things considered, a prison sentence of six weeks, with deduction of the pre-trial detention, is considered appropriate by the court. It has also become sufficiently plausible that the taxi driver was unable to use his taxi for five days as a result of the vandalism. He has lost income as a result and therefore receives compensation of 1.11,35 euros. Because the vehicle was leased, the suspect must also 96,35 pay euros for the repair of the window.

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