Since the signing of Job Plan Schiphol in January are 750 people with a distance to the labor market started working at the airport. The Job Plan is a collaboration between Employers Service Point Greater Amsterdam (WSP), the municipality of Amsterdam, Schiphol Aviation Community (LCS) and Schiphol.

We are pleased that so many people with a distance to the labor market find a suitable workplace at our airport. Despite the challenges and impact of the corona crisis, Schiphol remains a place of diverse work for people with different talents and education levels. Everyone who can and wants to work deserves a chance at Schiphol. We remain committed to this. Esmé Valk, Director of Human Resources at Royal Schiphol Group

In January 2020 Royal Schiphol Group, WSP, the Municipality of Amsterdam and LCS signed the Job Plan, with the aim of offering people with a distance to the labor market a workplace within 3 years 750 Schiphol. Due to the impact of the corona crisis on the labor market in the travel sector, this target turned out to be no longer feasible.

Despite the turbulent period of recent times, our ambition to be an inclusive airport has remained unchanged. To date people from this target group have found a workplace at Schiphol. A large part of these work in transport and logistics. The largest group of entrants are young people and people from unemployment benefits or social assistance. Francien David, director of the Aviation Community Schiphol


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