Due to the upcoming renovation of the library on the Spui, a lot of books, DVDs and other items have to be cleared. But not everything ends up in the garbage: the library is having a sale.

For a maximum of one euro you can already buy a comic, novel, CD or book with sheet music.


In the

AD we read about the fragmentation of 200. books to make room in the Central Library. It’s a shame, of course, because there are plenty of people who like to read a book. We read them at the library or get them at the bookstore or in a library cabinet, so why would you go shredding?

Good news for everyone who was shocked by the destruction of all those fine books : the library has started selling part of the collection that needs to be removed. There are a number of large cupboards and bins in the reception hall where you can buy for € 1,- or even 100 cents you can buy a book or movie. So stock up!

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