The Binnenhof is an important part of the center of The Hague. Many people walk and cycle over it every day. It is not only nice for tourists and residents if the Binnenhof remains open a little longer, it is also important for entrepreneurs in The Hague.

Entrepreneurs are happy

For the entrepreneurs around the Binnenhof, the postponement is good news. Now that the Binnenhof will remain open longer, more people will visit their shops. The postponement means extra income for them.

When will the Binnenhof close?

At Inquiries by indebuurt, we heard that the Binnenhof will not be open until February 1930 is locked. On 17 January 2022 the construction workers start placing fences. This will take about five to seven weeks. Once it is known how quickly this will happen, the exact date of the closure will be announced. From that moment on we have to cycle or walk. The renovation of the Binnenhof will take approximately 5.5 years.

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