Published: 22 November 2021Modified: 23 November 2021

The municipality is going to make the Groot Hertoginnelaan safer for cyclists and pedestrians. The intersection with the Banstraat and Andries Bickerstraat will be adapted. The roadworks will start on 6 December and will last until 24 December 2021.

Intersection of the Groot Hertoginnelaan, Banstraat (left) and Andries Bickerstraat (right) Traffic thresholdsCars on the Groot Hertoginnelaan turning onto the Banstraat or Andries Bickerstraat are now not easily able to see the cycle path and sidewalk. Cyclists and pedestrians also have priority here. This is why traffic thresholds will be created for cars turning right or left.

The 2 connecting streets will get clear connecting points with the placement of a speed table (plateau). This will make it easier for cars driving in or out of the Banstraat or Andries Bickerstraat to see other road users. The speed table can be compared to the way the 1e Sweelinckstraat intersects with the Groot Hertoginnelaan.

The intersections will be better visible for vehicular traffic. Drivers will have to reduce their speed when entering or exiting the side streets. This will make it safer for all traffic on the Groot Hertoginnelaan.

AccessibilityDuring the roadworks motorised traffic will not be able to turn onto the Banstraat and Andries Bickerweg from the Groot Hertoginnelaan. The Groot Hertoginnelaan will remain accessible. The Andries Bickerweg will be accessible from the Stadhouderslaan and Alexander Gogelweg. And the Banstraat will be accessible from the 1e Sweelinckstraat.

The cycle paths at the intersection between the Groot Hertoginnelaan and Banstraat will be completely closed during the roadworks.

DiversionsAll traffic can take an alternate route via the Waldeck Pyrmontkade, 1e Sweelinckstraat and Groot Hertoginnelaan (in both directions). Pedestrians will be able to reach the side streets as usual. They will be directed safely along the work site.

Diversion route for cyclists Household wasteThe rubbish container by the bridge on the Andries Bickerstraat will get a temporary spot at the corner of the Banstraat and the Van Blankenburgstraat. There will be no change to the collection schedule for household waste.

Do you have questions and/or remarks about these roadworks? Send an email to Jessica de Vries, area manager at the Municipality of The Hague:


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