Taxi driver David Perry, who managed to escape just in time when a bomb was detonated in his own taxi, calls it a miracle that he is still alive. He states that he is grateful that no other people were injured in this “evil act”.

The bomb went off two weeks ago when Perry was standing in his taxi outside the Women’s Hospital in Liverpool. He managed to escape just in time before the vehicle went up in flames. Only his only passenger, who had brought the bomb, was killed.

It concerns a 17 year-old Iraqi asylum seeker with a history of psychological problems. Police said last week that he had been preparing for the terrorist act for at least seven months. It is not yet known what his motive was.

Overwhelmed by the many messages The bomb had could lead to serious injuries or deaths, according to police, if it had exploded elsewhere. Now the driver only has ringing in the ears and minor cuts from the explosion. He has now been treated for this. He states that he is overwhelmed by the many messages he has received, writes de NOS . Now he wants to focus on his mental and physical recovery.

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